Paperfuge: A Paper Centrifuge for QBC Capillary Tubes

Using some card stock paper, a braided fishing line, some PVC pipe (or wood), and drinking straws with acrylic a team at Stanford proposes a basically free alternative to QBC centrifuges with comparable performance.

To paraphrase from the paper: “The hematocrit results obtained in 1.5 mins on the paperfuge are comparable to the results obtained using a Beckman Coulter (Critspin). The Critspin centrifuges the blood at a speed of 13,700 g and costs $700. The paperfuge spins at ∼10,000 g.”

Dremelfuge – Surprisingly Powerful Small Centrifuges from Power Tools

You can 3D print or Buy adapters for Dremel power tools to centrifuge 1.5 ml eppendorf tubes. This isn’t a little replacement to those mini pop-top centrifuges that ponder around at 10,000 rpm and only give around 5,000 g, oh no. Dremelfuges can hit 33,000 RPM and upwards of 51,000 g.

If 3D printing is your jam, you can modify the design to hold the types of tubes you need, or alter the features to, for instance, add a swinging bucket as shown in this video.

For just around $100, you can grab something like a Dremel-300, which can also be used for fabrication.