Theater Lighting Filters

Need some cheap optical filters? Consider theater lighting filters. They even come in wonderful sampling packs!

These are used in the 3D printed microscope described in our Tiny Florescence Microscopy post, and there’s been plenty of people using this trick over the years so your not going into uncharted territory just to save a few dollars. Rosco even has this great website you can use which will give you the transmission spectra of the filter you choose. You’ll notice a little spectra  in the bottom right of the app.

Make Your Own Light Sheet Microscope

Thinking about light sheet microscopy? gives you fantastically detailed assembly instructions to create your very own Selective Plane Illumination Microscope.

Credit to Dr. Guillaume Duclos for pointing this resource out. Don’t forget to check out the paper on this project put out by Peter Pitrone, Johannes Schindelin, Luke Stuyvenberg, Stephan Preibisch, Michael Weber, Kevin Eliceiri, Jan Huisken, and Pavel Tomancak