Machining a Inoculating Turntable

For those of you who have access to a machine shop, check out this post from the Djoko Lab with technical drawings on how to machine an inoculating turntable. The parts go for about $20, and the results look solid:

Getting a Waterjet Cutter for Under 10k

Waterjet cutters are often so expensive and esoteric that I’ve only ever seen one in an actual lab. But in principle they should be a fantastic alternative when CNC mills, laser cutters, knife printers or 3D printers can’t get you where you need to be.

As the Applied Science youtube channel shows, with some know how you can build a waterjet cutter out of a $150 pressure washer.

But that’s more like a power tool than a piece of lab equipment. If you want to make precise designs there’s WAZER, a compact automated waterjet with included software for under $5000.