3D Print a Stethoscope

Here at Lab On The Cheap HQ we’ve received a few requests to look into ways that people might easily and cheaply transmit audio from a stethoscope over their phone to a medical practitioner they are teleconferencing with.

While we are looking into the best solutions for that problem, we’ve noticed a lot of methods by which you can cheaply create a Stethoscope, and would like to share our favorite 3D printable design for a Stethoscope laid out in this paper by Alexander Pavlosky, Jennifer Glauche, Spencer Chambers, Mahmoud Al-Alawi, Kliment Yanev and Tarek Loubani.

Costs listed in the paper add up to a whopping $3, and the project has a clean GitHub page which has hyperlinks to vendors for the additional tubing, as well as the required STL files and printing instructions.