A Simple Strobe Light For Microscopy

Strobe lighting can be used to take crisp images of objects that would normally appear blurred due to their motion during a camera’s integration time. They can also be used to image cycling motion with far greater temporal resolution.

Christian Willert, Boleslaw Stasicki, S. Moessner and Joachim Klinner have written a paper detailing a simple driver circuit for pulsed operation of LEDs. Not to be confused with a shorter but less detailed paper by the same name that comes up when you search for this paper… The paper details results for a 2 KHz strobe, but talks about frequencies as fast as 4 KHz using the ideas laid out in the paper. The former frequency being the equivalent of taking photos with 0.5 ms exposure times.

The paper claims that the combined equipment can be purchased for roughly 500.00 Euro, including the LED light source and the optical cables.

Thanks to Dr. Itamar Kolvin for showing us this!