An AIP Tool to help you negotiate salary.

Not sure where to start salary negotiations for a US institution? The American Institute of Physics Statistical Research Center has created a Salary Calculator tool to calculate the mean salary, and it’s standard deviation, given a set of factors such as location, experience, and gender. The tool is based on a survey of 1700 faculty members in 2016 and adjusts to 2018 levels using the US CPI, you can read more about the specifics of the data behind the model here.

If you happen to be in the UK, there is a great paper by SophieActon, Andrew Bell, Christopher Toseland, and Alison Twelvetr , which insightful information that may help you negotiate based off a survey of 365 faculty members in the UK between 2012 and 2018.

And just to give you a quick reference to the numbers from the AIPs Salary Calculator Tool:

  • Expect an $80,000 10 month salary as an assistant professor at a public school.
    • -$20000 if the institution does not hand out PhDs
    • +$10000 extra if you are looking at a larger research focused state like California, New York, or Massachusetts.
    • +$10000 extra if you are looking at a private institution.
    • -$5000 if you skipped a Post-Doc
    • -$5000 if you did a PhD outside of the US