Making a Solid State Cooling Block with PipetteJockey

We’d like to feature the work of PipetteJockey, and in this post we do that under the guise of a pseudo-tutorial they have posted on how to hack together a Solid State Cooling Block.┬áThe tutorial isn’t exactly detailed in the step-by-step, it makes the assumption that you already have a heat-sink block, and it’s up to you to find some of the parts involved in the construction of the device, but it’s thorough enough to follow to completion. If you were to buy the components on ebay as suggested in the article, the device could cost you as little as $50.

PipetteJockey has a myriad of of DIY equipment walkthroughs in this vein, and a downright plethora of reagents and recipes that you should look into. Some of them are very very interesting.