Reddress Sunday – On The Move

Happy Sunday Everyone!

You may have noticed the posts on LabOnTheCheap have slowed down recently. Why? Well we haven’t had much time to write, as the two main authors of this website are in the middle of moving a lab across the USA! This Sunday Reddress is being written to you from just north of Ann Arbor, Michigan with a station wagon packed full of equipment. We will write more on that (hopefully) in the coming week. In the meantime, there are some long overdue corrections to address:

  • /u/PoliteLittleLover from Reddit pointed out that the post on reusing Pipette Tips was a terrible idea. Don’t do that! The actual article was about reusing pipette tip boxes and this post has been deleted.
  • /u/Tetrazene from Reddit pointed out some typos from the June 19th post.

The website has been changed a little bit, and now features a search bar. We’ve been trying to strike a balance between loading quick, and looking nice, while running the whole website from a cheap potato server.

As always, let us know if you find any errors. Or if we’ve suggested something you have tried, we’d love your feedback!