Stimjim: Open Source Electrical stimulation for $200

Neural stimulators can cost thousands of dollars. But why buy them when you could build a StimJim for just $200? StimJim is a dual-channel open-source electric stimulator that combines both function generation and electrical isolation. It has two electrically isolated output channels capable of generating up to +-3mA or +-15V pulses as short as 20 microseconds at sub-Hz to kHz frequencies. For a great summary of the project, check out Nate Cermak’s twitter thread announcing the bioRxiv paper.

The paper itself on Stimjim, by Nathan Cermak , Matthew Wilson, Jackie Schiller, and Jonathan Newman is up on bioRxiv. If you are interested in building one, you can get instructions, schematics, design files, control code, and a purchase sheet complete with links to each item all from the projects bitbucket repository.

If you are interested in buying one rather than building one, Open Ephys is considering producing them and would like to hear from you. Check out their online survey!