1 Year of Lab On The Cheap!

Today marks one year since the first LabOnTheCheap post. That day was spent taking pictures of equipment around lab, queuing up posts, and trying to figure out twitter (success!) and Instagram (nope, never figured it out).

We’ve just put out our 100th tweet, and we have 95 articles up. Over the past twelve months we have learned a tremendous amount about many fields of science from all the reading required for this sort of website. Some of these posts, like the Technical Tuesdays, have become resources that we check all the time while working on our own projects.

In the coming year, we hope to make some of our old content more visible, by re-tweeting it and changing the website interface so that the original posts that inspired the website to begin with don’t get buried.

We are also considering a lot of changes about format and content. Let us know what you would like to see at labonthecheap@gmail.com or twitter.com/LabOnTheCheap . Or just wish us a happy freshman year!